EPON Solutions to Electric Power Distribution Automation Systems in Smart Grid(5)

Solution to Digital Transformer Station

1)     Overview

The digital automatic transformer systemis a 35kV to 500kV comprehensive system involving protection, control,monitoring, measurement and other automatic functions, which can be dividedinto three layers: the isolation layer, the communication layer and thetransformer layer.

As to the communication layer, itsadopting the standard communication regulations makes sure of itsinterconnection with devices of different manufacturers, while it’s adoptingdual industrial Ethernets as its communication mode guarantees its highreliability.

2)     Network Requirements

The digital automatic transformer system, since itadopts the dual industrial Ethernets as its communication mode, can provide twoindependent communication networks for all installations. Both networks can beused for communication so that communication is more reliable. Of cause, youcan also apply one network for communication and the other one for recordingfault wave. Communication devices have to meet harsh industrial environmentsuch as high temperature, strong electromagnetic interference and heavyhumidity, and at the same time they have to comply with requirements ofIEC61850-3.