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Technical Assistance Center

The Technical Assistance Center (hereinafter referred to as "TAC"), set up at the headquarters of Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "BDCOM") in Shanghai, devotes to provide professional and efficient technical support to BDCOM customers or partners all over the world. With the spread of BDCOM products (hereinafter referred to as the "Product" or "Products"), over 40 offices have been set up in the globe at present.

BDCOM Test Center

Based on the major product lines of BDCOM, its test center is divided into four parts: Switch Test Department, Router Test Department, Wireless Test Department and PON Test Department. With improvement of its test methodology and testing hardware, BDCOM Test Center now is capable of stimulating application scenarios for any BDCOM product.

BDCOM R&D Center

Set up in 1994 with the rising of BDCOM, BDCOM R&D Center has developed into four branches: Switch R&D Department, Router R&D Department, Wireless R&D Department, and PON R&D Department. For over 25 years, BDCOM R&D Center is always the backbone in BDCOM's growth. Its constant innovation and professional attainment earns BDCOM a name in the communication industry.


BDCOM after-sales service system, in terms of what they serve, is consist of five parts: remote support, on-site support, software upgrade, maintenance and trainings.

Service Standards

BDCOM grades failures of its Products into four levels.

Fault Level
Fault Level IThe Product(s) cannot work, causing performance of the end user is severely affected.
Fault Level IIThe Product(s) is greatly impaired, causing performance of the end user's work is greatly affected.
Fault Level  IIIThe Product(s) is partly impaired, but most of the end user's work is normal.
Failure Level IVThe Product(s) can perform well, but its users need guidance with installation, configuration or function of the Product(s).

Remote Support

Remote Support makes it possible to timely and positively responds to the request of BDCOM customers or partners. BDCOM offers three major options for remote support.

After-sales Hotline

BDCOM After-sales Hotline mainly provides information relating to general operation of the Product as well as troubleshooting. The Hotline service works from 9:00 to 18:00 (Beijing time), 5*8 hours a week. If the desired specialist is not available, e.g. because of no personnel during the night shift or weekends or national holidays, then we’ll return your call as soon as possible.
This After-sales Hotline is open to BDCOM customers or partners a lifelong time.

Online Support

The Online Support of our TAC is always manned by qualified specialists from 9:00 to 23:00 every day. BDCOM online support is mainly for analyzing error sources and suggesting steps for solving them.
This On-line Service is open to BDCOM customers or partners within the warranty period.
Our TAC Email:TAC@bdcom.com.cn

Remote Debugging Service

In order to save time of troubleshooting and reduce cost of long-distance communication, BDCOM offers remote debugging service. Remote diagnosis is apparently superior to that of on-site, because it saves the time of technicians commuting to-and-from on-site.
This Remote Debugging Service is open to BDCOM customers or partners within the warranty period.

On-site Support

If an error of the Product cannot be directly removed by our Online Support and Remote Debugging Service, then our technicians or R&D engineers will be summoned into action. After learning more about your problems on-site, we will work alongside your teams to overcome your problems and help you get the results you are looking for.
The On-Site Support focuses on assisting with product use, on-site debugging, troubleshooting issues and other requests. Maintenance of the impaired parts or the defective component does not included in.
This On-Site Support is open to BDCOM customers or partners within the warranty period.

Software Upgrade

BDCOM offers free software upgrade service to its customers or partners if the product(s) provided by BDCOM cannot work arising from inappropriate software version.
BDCOM customers or partners can contact TAC directly or After-sales Hot-line to get the latest software version.
This Software Upgrade service is open to BDCOM customers or partners a lifelong time.


With excellent network training specialists, complete program settings and comprehensive experiment conditions, BDCOM offers a wide range of training courses to its customers or partners.

On-line training: It is indispensable to acquire BDCOM product knowledge if one wants to use and maintain BDCOM products skillfully. BDCOM provide with professional on-line training courses, such as product training, technique training and product solution & application training.

Standard training: BDCOM opens its training plans every quarter of the year. Customers or partners may apply for their interested training courses through BDCOM Hot-line or local sales representatives.

On-site training: Abide by the relevant sales contract, BDCOM provides with customized trainings to customers or partners. BDCOM senior specialists will give lectures on Communication Principles, Introduction to BDCOM Product lines, Guidance of BDCOM Product Use, BDCOM Product Maintenance, Configuration and Trouble-shooting, etc. This training aims to help trainees become skillful technicians in the communication field.

Certification training: BDCOM Certification Network Associate(BCNA) is a good platform to learn about the latest knowledge in data communication and technical networking knowledge. With a comprehensive and blended-learning curriculum, BDCOM strives to help its trainees become network professionals and experts.

Warranty Policy

The Warranty is granted by Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "BDCOM") and applies to BDCOM-manufactured products (hereinafter referred to as the "Product" or "Products") sold by BDCOM official channel.
BDCOM warrants the Products will be free from defect in workmanship and materials under the normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period must be in accordance with the specification in its corresponding sales contract.
Following services below apply to the Product(s) during the warranty period.

Fault diagnosis service:  if the Product(s) malfunctions, BDCOM provides with free fault diagnosis service and technical support.

Spare parts service:  If the Product(s) is diagnosed with hardware fault, BDCOM will ship out a repaired or replacement part timely. The replacement may be new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.

Feedback:  BDCOM will give feedback after receiving the Faulty Product(s) in three working days. If the maintenance is at the customers’ or partners’ cost, BDCOM will ship out the repaired after receiving evidence of payment by facsimile.

BDCOM may, at its own discretion, repair or replace any Product not operating as warranted during the applicable warranty period with the same, similar, or with equivalent features as the case may be without prejudice to any remedy compulsory at applicable law.
BDCOM shall not repair or replace any Product in case of damage incurred in or caused by:

  • i.shipping or handling by the purchaser;

  • ii.force majeure, such as thunder, floods or abnormal voltage;

  • iii.operator mistakes, for example, using the equipment in an environment where the equipment cannot function normally or not using the equipment

  • according to the instructions;

  • iv.self-maintenance without permission of BDCOM;

  • v.using inferior cables;

  • vi.other reasons, without limitation, which are beyond the reasonable control of BDCOM.

Extended warranty:
BDCOM welcomes customers or partners to extend the warranty of the Product(s) at any time before the expiration date.
BDCOM may collect a certain repair cost for replacement or repair of the returned Product(s) beyond the Warranty.

Transportation of the Faulty Product(s)
Note: The Faulty Product(s) here refers to a complete faulty product or a faulty part.

· The Faulty Product(s) transported to BDCOM can be a complete faulty product or a faulty part after assessment by BDCOM.
Considering time and security, BDCOM encourages the Faulty Product(s) is (are) shipped by BDCOM designated logistics company. Otherwise, BDCOM does not bear any loss in the transportation.

·The Faulty Product(s) must be packaged and transported to BDCOM using packing materials sufficient to prevent either accidental opening of the carton or damage to the Faulty Product(s) resulting from normal handling during shipment. Otherwise, damage incurred in the transportation is borne respectively by the consigner and the logistics company.

· The freight (return or shipping cost) is borne by the consigner.

(1)Please inform BDCOM about the shipping document after shipping out the returned Product.
(2)Please pick-up the repaired or the replacement timely after receiving the delivery notice from BDCOM.
(3)If BDCOM determines that the Faulty Product(s) do/does not meet the conditions of the warranty specified in this document, BDCOM may collect a certain repair cost for the replacement or repair, and return the Faulty Product(s) at the customers’ or partners’ own cost.


Please contact TAC if error occurs in your equipment. If it were hardware fault determined by TAC, you will get an "Equipment Maintenance Checklist".  Please print the "Equipment Maintenance Checklist" and ship it with the Faulty Product(s) to BDCOM manufacturing center. The BDCOM maintenance department will contact you to confirm information including receipt of the Faulty Product(s), test result and maintenance fees. After maintenance, the repaired will be returned to you as soon as possible.

(1)Please do contact TAC to confirm maintenance of your equipment before shipping.
(2)Please ship the Faulty Product(s) with the printed "Equipment Maintenance Checklist" to BDCOM manufacturing center by the following address:

Contact: Yang Lin
No.36 Jinliu Road, Jinshan Development Park, Shanghai 201506, China
Post code: 201506
Tele: +86-15021881793
If you want to check the repair progress, please contact the sales representative directly or call the maintenance department by +86-21-67262666-8057.

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