EPON Solutions to Electric Power Distribution Automation Systems in Smart Grid(3)

Solution to the User Information Collection System

The OLTsand ONUs adopted in this solution are laid out respectively between the 110KVsubstations and the 10KV switching stations. Each OLT of the substation areconnected to several ONUs through fibers and passive optical splitters. EachONU with dual PON interfaces is connected to two OLTs through fibers. Thus, atopology characterized by Hand-in-hand Protection Shift is established.

Each S8500/P3310 OLT and each substation IP/ATM switch is connected by a single gigabitEthernet link or multiple gigabit Ethernet links. S8500 OLTs and P3310rack-mounted OLTs can satisfy the need of substations of different scales.

The user network interfaces of ONUs connect to RTUs, TTUs, Networkingmonitoring ends and PCs. BDCOM ONUs support multiple interfaces such as FE, GE,RS232/485, among which RS232/485 interfaces can be flexibly set.

The data acquisition system in powerdistribution automation is mainly in charge of:

● Dataacquisition (the acquired data include the electric energy data, the AC analogvalue, the work state data, the electric energy over-threshold statistics data,the event record data, etc.);

Datamanagement (including data reasonability checkup and datacalculating/analyzing/storing);

Controlfunctions (including control of the rated power, rated electric energy, ratedfee ratio, remoteness, electric fee hand-in aid);

Comprehensiveapplications (automatic meter's data acquisition control, prepaid fee control,orderly power consumption control, power usage statistics analysis, abnormalpower usage analysis, electric energy quality statistics, line-loss andvalue-added services);

Operationand maintenance management (system’s time checkup, permission and passwordcontrol, terminal control, file control, communication and routing control,working status control, maintenance and trouble record, report form control);

Systeminterface (connecting the marketing system, the schedule system and othersystems).