Clientdevelopment planning of BDCOM Smart City

Distinctive and targeted solutions are demanded since differentcommercial complexes have their own access scales. Scenarios may influenceproduct configuration including function characteristics and performance andsolution delivery. Here we divide the network in commercial complex into 4types: micro net branch, non-chain small and medium net branch, chain-likesmall and medium branch and large net branch, deeply exploring what the fourcommercial bodies demand and composing the four markets to form a regionoverlapping, which may bring a great value to consumer information collecting anddata analyzing.

Micronet branch

The operating area takes a land of 20-100 square meters, which hasaround or fewer than 30-60 web devices demanded; no sharing requirement withothers; no ability of information issuing; no way for maintenance but price sensitivity.

Non-chainsmall and medium net branch

Theoperating area takes a land of 120-500 square meters or with crossing floorsand partitions, which has around or fewer than 50-220web devices demanded; no sharing requirement with others; no ability ofinformation issuing; the demand for grasping consumer information; no way formaintenance but the particular fees.

Chain-likesmall and medium branch

The operating area takes a land of 120-500 squaremeters or with crossing floors and partitions, which has around or fewer than 50-220 web devices demanded; interconnectionwith the head office autonomously knowing the information issue and consumerinformation collection; way for maintenance together with the particular fees.

Largenet branch

It takes a land of above 500 square meters, mostlylarge shopping mall or housing estate, which has a large quantity (maximum ≥5000) of web devices demanded and clear tidal efficiency. The great consumeramount make the behavior data worth a lot in commerce. Upon being delivered,the instant effect of ads are clearly displayed, users having got a strongersense of control over the ads and info. The branch has the way for maintenance andthe particular fees.

BDCOMsmart city wireless construction planning 

Speaking of smart city commercial wirelessconstruction, for WiFi+ big data, WiFi+LBS ads or WiFi+O2O, the ultimate valuefocuses on localization, that is to say, providing the required service nearbyfor the consumers accessing to the wireless. Such feature contributes to theplanning and investment with prefectural and municipal unit when the commercialwireless is under construction, especially the value-added information is delivered,all of which is devoted to building O2O local living service. If datainteraction of prefecture-and-municipal crossing exists, data can beinterconnected through provincial data cooperation.

Networktopology (in medium and small branch)


The center room is the core of the whole network,taking control of the interconnection of region networks, high-speed forwardingof data, centralized management of terminal devices and net access of the appserver group. The center room consists of control modules, data and informationmodules and connecting channels, realizing the integrated management, controland maintenance. The control module is divided into wireless control,authentication module and behavior module; Data information module is into customizedcontent pushing module, big data deep analysis module and database module;Connecting channel is into social media channel and SP channel.


Basedon the quantity and area of the accessing terminals, deploy one or several WiFiaccess devices. People can type phone number, wechat or just pass theauthentication to enjoy Internet on PC or mobile phones.

BDCOM smart city commercial cloud planning

Commercial wireless marketing network construction,based on user and marketing development, focused on achieving predictableprofit for the operating business. In the beginning, the ad revenue will occupythe most of the overall revenue. Seeing from mid and long term, data collectionand discovery may bring Long Tail Effect. How to achieve ad revenue means a lotto the p roject starting and sustainable development.

When cloud planning BDCOM marketingsolution, BDCOM cloud platform, as general marketing platform, possessescomplete ad marketing ability and is responsible for the identification,customized information pushing and online information collection on terminallayers. The cloud platform is able to deliver the 100% ad information to theconsumers and collect the follow-up clicking links into a file, unitingconsumer attributes and offering a complete analysis report on consumerbehaviors. As a result, advertisers related have more preparations for the nextmarketing.  With the help of accurate anddetailed data and straightforward graphic statistics, the advertiser can checkthe real-time data of the present or history, knowing how many people havewatched the ads (successfully sent rate, clicking times) and the audienceresult of the related products in every period.

With the information from smart terminals, BDCOMcloud platform gathers consumer trails, consuming condition, and surroundingsso as to get further other attributes through algorithm analyzing. As long asthe data gets enough, the subsequent action will be outlined and defined,gifting the related information with great commercial value.

As a comprehensive marketingplatform, BDyun realizes the interaction, user identification, integratedmarketing and information collection on terminal layers. What’s more, itsupports seamless connection to the third marketing system — BDYUN relays the 3rd-basedmarketing content to the client terminals, reaching the expert division andintegration of edition and transmission. Besides, Bdyun offers analytical dataorigin for the 3rd marketing system and service system so that the 3rd party can improve the general effect of the advertising on the basis of bigdata analysis and bench marketing.

Throughdata and channels, resource sales management, client relationship management,APP operation and maintenance, social account operation and maintenance, datadigging and payment system, the operator will be granted with one-stop mobileInternet access, totally creating operator-side mobile marketing chain.