Passive Optical Network

is a point to multipoint (P2MP) system of passive optical
networks composed of the OLT, ODN, and ONU
Passive Optical LAN
is a local area network based on PON technology that provides
users with converged data, voice, video, and other network
services through optical fibers.

It's very convenient and simple to upgrade network cables to POL. POL can easily be installed on top of old networks during construction, leading to increased business efficiency.
POL fiber can provide users with GPON, 10 GPON, and 100 GPON bandwidths and speeds. On top of this, the lifespan of the POL fiber is longer than that of a regular metal wire. POL is also easy to manage and maintain, since one backend device can provide 5000 network ports/outlets at once. Previously, traditional switch networks required many floors in buildings and needed server rooms every two floors. However, automated management by one backend device is now possible.
BDCOM's POL all-optical network solution can be used in many environments, suchas office buildings, smart parks, smart campuses, medical facilities, hotels, and many more. From design to operation and maintenance, BDCOM offers improvements in quality of life the moment users upgrade from the traditional system.