Safe city is a large and integratedmanagement system, meeting requirements of security administration, citymanagement, traffic control, emergency command, and image surveillance incasualty and disaster pre-warning, casualty and disaster pre-warning andproduction safety monitoring. Besides, safe city plays a key role in matingintegration of alarming, entrance guard and linkage of broadcast system.

Faced with series of challengesin public, where crimes happen frequently with low detection rate, safe city cannot wait tohave a panoramic visual protection system, aiming at guarding in advance,reacting immediately, efficient visual dispatch, and precise striking.


Having deeplyanalyzed what Safe city needs, BDCOM provides PON-based video monitoringsolution to its core section, which is featured with efficiently buildinghigh-performance monitoring network so as to succeed in fining monitortracking, smart pre-alarming and precisely quick location later.


HD real-time monitoring

PON-based high speed bandwidth, realizingfull-HD camera shooting and real-time clear monitoring;

Safety guard

Encryption on PON system datatransmission for security guarantee;

Simple deployment