Overview of the Solution

To bring the network to millions of users, BDCOM provides you with a fiber networking solution. In the fiber networking,all devices from core routers to accessswitches are connected.

Topology of the Solution

Description oftheSolution

The solution adopts the networking of three layers, including the core router and theswitch, the aggregation switch and the access switch. Both the core router and the core switch adopt the two-node backup. The aggregation switch is connected to the two coreswitches which can work as standby for the other. Therefore, one core switch in trouble has no impact on the network. The core router and the core switch are connected by the10G optical fiber. The aggregation switch uplinks with the core switch by the 10G optical fiber anddownlinks with the access switch by the Gigabit opticalfiber.

In the fiber networking,the switch is with ports of 100M in the downlink and with portsof Gigabit in the uplink. The maximum broadband of a single user reaches to 100M.

In the fiber networking, the router is BDCOM R7600 Series, a carrier-level 10G corerouter. It supports at most 2 slots for the console panel, 8 service slots, key module 1+1 redundancy backup, 10G wire-speed layer 3 forwarding rate.

In the fiber networking, the switch is BDCOM S8500 Series which support 2 slots fortheconsole panel, 14 service slots, key module 1+1 redundancy backup, 48 Gigabit portsor 12 10G ports in a single board and wire-speed forwarding. It is excels in lowconsumption and energy saving.

In the fiber networking, the aggregation switch adopts BDCOM S2900 Series, a 10G layer-2 switch. It supports 48 Gigabit ports and 8 10G ports, rich QoS and security polices.

In the fiber networking, the access switch adopts S2200WS Series, a web-smartaccess switch. It supports 24 100M TX ports and 2 Gigabit combo SFP/TX uplink ports. It also supports functions such asbasic VLAN, QoS policy.

Product Models Applied in the Solution




BDCOM 7610 core router chassis (10 expanded slots(2 for the control console, 1 1000W AC power supply, support power redundancy, dual power supply(recommended))


S8510 assembly chassis (include 1 fan disk, 2 power slots, 1 AC 1000W power supply, 2 main console slots, 8 services slots)


Ethernet switch with 48 Gigabit TX ports and 8 10G optical ports (1 Mini usb Console port, 48 Gigabit TX ports, 8 10G SFP+ ports, AC220V power supply, fanless, 1U height, standard 19-inch rack-mounted installation)


Ethernet switch with 24 100M TX ports and 2 Combo Gigabit SFP ports (24 100M TX ports, 2 Gigabit Combo SFP ports; standard AC220V power supplyfanless, 1U height, standard 19-inch rack-mounted installation)

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