Hukou Historical Ferry Town

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Project Background

Gudukou town is located in the former site of Guzhen town, Yuzhen beach, the Hukou waterfall scenic area, Yichuan county, and Yan'an city, in Shaanxi province. The town uses the original Gudu trade culture in Hukou, and takes advantage of the high and low layout of the cave dwellings in northern Shaanxi to create a quaint and chic folk town on the bank of the Yellow River. The town has a reception service area, a themed inn, a Guanhe tourism area, and many more. With the Yellow River and northern Shaanxi cultures at its core, the town has developed a great sense of fashion, culture, and tourism.

Plan Description

In order to improve the touristic experience and customer satisfaction, the town must become modernly touristic with complete network and Internet services and functions, while also being practical and efficient. The managers of tourism decided to use BDCOM and set up a high-quality network in the town.

BDCOM's solution for the town involved the use of BDCOM's own self-developed core switches, routers, firewalls, OTL, ONU, and wireless controllers and APs.

The WAP1200-I22AC, built for the outdoors, provides convenient Wi-Fi services for the outdoor environment of the entire town. The floating type WAP1200-WG1200, in-wall WAP1200-W12C, and ceiling type WAP151 were all properly installed in various shops and rooms in the town.

ONU also adopted BDCOM's P3616-2TE, P1501DT, and P1504E, and used it according to the needs of the network environment to ensure rational resource allocation.

The OLT also adopted the P3616-2TE and uses it to support 1.25 GBPS PON transmission rates. The more efficient bandwidth use and Ethernet supportive service capabilities helped operators provide reliable service and quality assurance for their customers. With a split ratio of 1:64, it supports mixed networking of different ONUs, minimizing operator investment.


Solution topology diagram:

The Effect

Hukou waterfall continues to attract the world with its unique beauty and charm. When tourists come to the Hukou scenic area, they can properly experience the history and atmosphere of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Behind such magnificent attractions, BDCOM provided every visitor with smooth and comfortable service.