Xinjiang Karamay City Community

Smart Connection anytime, anwhere.

Project Background

Despite the remote location of Karamay City in Xinjiang, the GDP per capita produced by this “oil” city is always one of the highest of the country. On top of this, Karamay is still considered a national public security video surveillance construction network application demonstration city, making it much safer than most other cities in China.
With increasing population sizes and development of the modern urban residential community system in China, informatization of the community has also continued to develop. All communities in China, particularly medium and large urban communities, have accelerated construction of information network platforms. The community management system is gradually incorporating the use of networks and computers, which marks the beginning of a new phase of information

Plan Description

BDCOM POL solution is mainly applied to a total of 56 communities: 40 communities in Karamay City, and 16 communities in Baijitan district and Jinlong town.

In order to provide safe and reliable video surveillance access, a BDCOM chassis OLT P8510 was installed in the central computer room of the Karamay City Petroleum Data Company since it has access to monitoring services of many urban areas. A BDCOM rack OLT P 3616 was also installed to access the monitoring services of Baijitan district and Jinlong town. The optical fibers are laid on each cell, and the passive optical splitter is connected to the ONU. The ONU electrical port is connected to a surveillance camera and a gate access control system such as a community building, a house a parking lot, etc.

Program Highlights

The adoption of the BDCOM POL program has three highlights:

1.Based on the P2MP network architecture, fiber resources are greatly saved, and the customer's capital investment is greatly reduced.

2.The layout is flexible and convenient, faulty nodes are reduced, and the operation and maintenance workload is reduced.

3.Combined with BDCOM's NMS network management system combined with the detailed network management node design of the PON system, the system provided accurate fault information alarms and quick responses.

The Effect

The Xinjiang Oilfield Company and Karamay Property Management Company adopted BDCOM's communication POL solution, which through testing has shown to provide real-time monitoring of important areas in various communities, improve the response speed in handling various emergencies, and prevent various other community problems from occurring. Overall, a good living environment was provided to the residents of the community.