Xiaogan Yunmeng Chusheng. Sheraton Grand Hotel

A fiber-optic pack brings in a bunch of customers

Project B ackground

Chusheng Sheraton Hotel is a renowned 5-star hotel which caters to accommodations,business meetings, redwood furniture, tea tasting, and antique jade artwork. It is located on the shore of Mengze Lake, next to Yunmeng Xiangshan museum. The hotel has 2 dining floors, 2 regular floors with 110 rooms in total, and a single-story underground garage. It also has several 4 story shops and a 19 story residential building with a single-story underground room.

Customer Demand

As the network manager at Chusheng Sheraton Hotel, attracting and retaining guests is done through providing guests with an experience that goes beyond their expectations. As such, this is one of the most important problems for the hotel managers to face. Can guests smoothly stream online videos? Is it quick and easy to send and receive emails? Is it convenient to chat online? At peak Internet usage, if a business meeting is held, can the hotel still provide enough bandwidth?

After considering many options, the hotel executives decided to adopt the BDCOM POL optical network solution. The solution provided network bandwidth able to support the hotel office and provide wireless guest Internet access as well as full coverage of many other Internet services, operating at speeds and efficiencies expected of a 5-star hotel, while also reducing construction difficulties and costs.

Plan Description

The BDCOM POL optical network solution divides the entire network into two layers:
OLT Bearer Aggregation:
Replace the traditional core switch with the BDCOM P3608 (POL central end 3-layer device) in the hotel room; connect the egress router BSR2800 and the wireless controller (WCS6100-X128C) at the same time and the voice server as well. Replace the copper cable with PON point-to-multipoint fiber directly to areas such as hotel rooms and offices. Make sure the threein-one HGU gateway device is connected to replace the access switch.

OUN Terminal Access:

1. In the ONU room, use thePSE single-port power supply module to connect the wireless AP to achieve wirelesssignal coverage and connection to the room’s wired network

2. Ceiling-type wireless APscan be used in offices and other areas such as halls, restaurants and bars,conference rooms, and other public/dining areas to ensure wireless 360 degreecoverage

3. Room and hotel areas canuse the wired Ethernet interface HGU to connect the wired terminals

4. Wiredtelephone: the room’s POL HGU optical equipment uses the telephone interface toconnect the room telephone and central voice server. Network encapsulation ofthe voice protocol is done by SIP

The Effect

The customer experience given by the hotel staff was shown to bevery well received, reflecting the 5-star quality of the Sheraton Hotel inYunmeng. The hotel is fully equipped with the network technology of the newera, promoting the occupancy rate and brand popularity of the hotel. Fromthe perspective of data and revenue, the upgrade will strengthen the commercialsuccess of the hotel, and increase the cloud certification platform and dataplatform.