At BDCOM, we are committed to providing a diverse work environment that supports women's position in company and society. In our global team, they play a vital role, so that our international business continues to expand.

"At the beginning of my career, the difficulty I encountered was finding my own professional position. I was once confused and could not see the direction", says Kris-Wu, GM of Global Division of BDCOM, "I believe that everyone will have such a period in their careers. My solution is to temporarily stop and keep changing myself. BDCOM offered me such an opportunity to grow up on my career path."

Kris leads BDCOM’s global team to start international business from zero, and today the company offers solutions to clients in 50 countries. "BDCOM is a company that values and cares for the growth of female employees. In our big family, females have the same opportunities as men. From our senior management, middle management, and the front-line, females contribute to the value of the company. We welcome females", says her.

As the regional director of South Asia, Bessie Xu, has successfully opened up the Indian market and helped local ISPs to build their networks. Now she is also one of the female idols of new BDCOMers. You can often see Bessie Xu on the top ranking.

"BDCOM offers us a good platform to learn and improve. Don't miss any chance and be afraid of the difficulties", she encourages young females.

"Work Hard, Keep Studying. It's simple, and you will appreciate what you've tried before", this is how Cecily encourages new female graduates, currently she leads a team focusing on Southeast Asia market joining hands with teams led by Nancy and Stella.

At first, it was a little hard to convince clients due to her petite shape, however, her sincerity and professionalism have won the trust of customers. "A sales from a friend company told me that the females in BDCOM work hard like men", she jokes, "Yes true, because we female colleagues are pretty independent."

As the new strength, Nina has won the market of Latin-America by her professional knowledge and capability of speaking Chinese, English, Spanish and Portuguese. "At the beginning of my career, I was afraid of my unprofessional and insufficient negotiation experience. Thanks to the time to improve and training opportunities offered by company", says her.

"To new females graduates, be confident, and win the trust by your professional", that's how she encourages others.

"Much of our success today is due to these brave and confident females. They are the leaders in the new business era thanks to their positive, courageous and responsibility. Also, providing a free working environment for female employees is one of our long-standing responsibilities", says Tao, Global Channel Director of BDCOM.