Merging with livelihooddevelopment, BDCOM boosts Chinatown construction in Sanmenxia City

Is Dikengyuan (quadrangle courtyard underground in Henan province) at Spring Festival still haunting you? Rememberthe ten-bowl table meaning perfection in Chinese?

The city lies on thesouth side of the Yellow River at the point where the river cuts through theLoess Plateau on its way to the North China Plain.

“The clever changeat times, the wise control over matters.”Shaanzhou Districtholds massive history, culture and custom, as well as natural scenery resources like beautiful quadrangle courtyards underground and mineral warm springs,which promote the full-region tourism development. Combining the primitive simplicity with later modernity, Shaanzhou District completed Smart city WiFi construction in 2017, covering 4.36 square kilometers of urban area and help 11,000 habitants have access to Internet together.

BDCOM smart city solution successfully applied in Sanmenxia City. With high-performance outdoor AP and large-capacity cloud AC, wireless access network covering the main urban area ensures thecitizens to surf the Internet through terminal devices wherever and whenever.BDCOM smart marketing cloud platform in data center can push fire knowledge,government notice, etc.

Network Topology

Solution to construction project

As a pilot area, BDCOM contracted project includes about 18250-meter-long urban road, and 160000-square meter-area sports centers and central parks.

Exit router adopts F5100 Series firewall, mainly for the outside access and Internet security.

Core switch takes S68 series. The series adopts OLT+ONU transmission. Connected to firewall, OLT, AC controller and private Cloud platform, the core switch adopts gigabit cables; ONU, outdoor AP select gigabit ports to ensure full-gigabit link from the output port to AP, providing enough link bandwidth for wireless services.

Wireless AP is controlled through AC, and installed with private cloud platform to authenticate the wireless users, forward ads and promote municipal administration, etc.

Wireless AP with 5-meter ground clearance is installed on the street lights at intervals of about 100 meters; 4 Aps in crossroad zone; 140 Aps in sports centers, football fields,markets, etc., all setup for WiFi services among citizens.

BDCOM Smart City solution well integrates devices like OLT/ONU,core/aggregation/access/POE switch, and functions like AP/AC/Cloud platform,firewall, network management and maintenance. Undoubtedly, it helps save the time and cost, and provide users with all-in-one turnkey project from basic materials to after-sales maintenance.

“To live in Sanxiamen becomes better.” Seamless roaming policy to benefit people grants the citizens the feelings of proud. The data interaction and BDCOM wireless networking improve the competitive power of Sanxiamen tourism invisibly, giving powerful back for the following smart city development in Shaanzhou District.

Change with the times; innovate the service.Since having gained valuable operating experience in multiple smart city projects, BDCOM was shortlisted in WiFi industry HapMap and won China Wireless City Operating Award of 2017. BDCOM solution further integrates organically livelihood development with stronger practic ability, successfully operated in ChinaTelecom Awifi; Fenghua, Zhejiang; Qian’an, Hebei; Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia;Akagi Broadcasting and TV; Anren Ancient Town, Chengdu City.