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BDCOM's Female Leaders

At BDCOM, we are committed to providing a diverse work environment that supports women's position in company and society. In our global team, they play a vital role, so that our international business continues to expand.

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Merging with livelihood development, BDCOM boosts Chinatown construction in Sanmenxia City

Is Dikengyuan (quadrangle courtyard underground in Henan province) at Spring Festival still haunting you? Remember the ten-bowl table meaning perfection in Chinese?

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Welcome the Challenge and Embrace the Future!

BDCOM colleges in infotel communication exhibition

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Boosting Shen-Mao high speed construction, BDCOM flagship switch favored

The annual Spring Festival Travel Rush is vigorously on the stage. For the passengers craving for speed, high speed grants them with comfort and calm on the anxious way home.

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Under the Initiative of “Belt and Road’’, BDCOM Build Up New Layout for Its Overseas Growth

[Yangon, Myanmar, May 28, 2017] BDCOM and Prime RICH Asia jointly organized BDCOM product promotion seminar in Yangon, Myanmar. Over 120 participants from all walks of life attended the event themed “BDCOM Driving Myanmar’s Connectivity”. General Manager, sales managers and technical engineers of BDCOM International were invited to introduce BDCOM profile, BDCOM products and its successful experience in the communication industry. With videos of ...

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Marketing & Activity

27 Sep,2019
18 Jun,2019

BDCOM in Singapore

Jun 18,2019


11 Apr,2019

ASLAN 2019

Apr 11,2019