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  • Q27. Which operating systems are supported by NMS?

    NMS supports Win xp, Win 7, winserver 2003, etc. winxp sp3 is recommended. Linux is not supported at present.

  • Q28. How to register NMS after being installed

    Inthe bin folder at the installation directory, open NmsReg.exe.

    Send SN and hosting information to BDCOM to generatethe registration files.

  • Q29. How to remove errors when the NMS server is enabled

    There are two reasons causing errors when the NMSserver is enabled. One is related with the permission. In Win7, you should openthe NMS server as the administrator. Click Installationdirectory->pgsql->data, choose the folder permission and get allpermissions for the current user.

    The other is related with the plug-ins. There are twofiles in the installation ->plugins directory, where vcredist_x86_en.exe supports English network management. Click vcredist_x86_en.exe toinstall it.

  • Q30. How to find the EPON topology

    Set the NMS server and the community on OLT.

    interface VLAN1

    ip address


    snmp-server community 0 public RW

    snmp-server host publicauthentication configure snmp

    Log on to the NMS window, press the “ALT+R” shortcutkey to open the discovery window and click Topology->discoveryConfiguration.

    Click Apply to find the EPON topology.

  • Q31. How to set the voice alarm on NMS

    Click Fault Management->Alarms on the leftmenu and then choose Alert Manager->Alert Notify in the title bar.

    Then you select different alarm voices according tothe alarm levels, or you can upload the recorded alarm voices.

  • Q32. How to set the Email alarm

    EMAIL Config

    It mainly aims at informing the traps on NMS andoffers of ONU application. Users can pre configure the e-mail based on theirneeds. See the figure.

    Parameters ofconfiguration:

    FromAddress: The address from which emails are sent;

    ServerHost: The address of the host server;

    ServiceCategory: The service targeted by the configurationof the emails. NMSoffers two services: ONU-Open and Alarm. If Alarm is selected, the configurationonly aims at Alarm, that is, uponreceiving alarms, NMS will send emails to the appointed recipient email.

    RecipientAddress: The address to receive emails;

    ServerPort: The port number to send the email accountserver;

    Protocol: The protocol adopted by the email sending;

    MailPassword: The login password of emails;

    MailSubject: The subject of emails;

    MailContent: The content of emails;

    IsAuth: Whether the authentication of user ID should be sent with emails ornot.

    IsSend: The switch of sending emails. If it is not selected, the email willnot be sent even when the ServiceCategory is enabled. So select it for sending emails.

    After filling inall information, click Save/Update to enable email service. Meanwhile, you cancheck the configured email categories in the form. See the figure.

    It also support the upgrade and deletion for createdemails. From the figure above, Edit/Delete is offered in the end column. Click Edit to do upgrade, refilling the configuration of the mail service to theconfiguration bar. Users can modify it based on their needs. Click Save/Update after modification.