Product Overview

BDCOM P5916 Series, whichhas high reliability, highly dense EPON access and robust switching and routingabilities, is a new generation of broadband and multiservice access OLT devicesoriented towards the service-integrated network.

BDCOM P5916 Seriesadopts the BDROS operating system whose intelligent property is owned by BDCOM,integrates with Ipv6, network security, EPON, supports data, voice and video,and provides continuous forwarding, graceful restarting and ring protection,improving the work efficiency and securing the maximum running time.

BDCOM P5916 Seriessupports 2 slots for console panels, 2 GE slots and 12 gigabit slots. P5916 Seriesalso supports the console board and the “1+1” backup of power supply. P5916 Seriescan be widely applied in Telecom operators, FTTX of the broadcast and TVoperators, automatic power distribution, power-consumed information collectionand FTTH in the electric power industry.

Product Characteristics

BDCOM P5916Series abides by IEEE802.3ah standard andmeets relevant requirements of EPON OLT regulated in TechnicalRequirements of "YD/T1475-2006 and China Telecom EPON Technical Requirements.

BDCOM P5916Series is cabinet modularized device with highdensity and large capacity so they are easy for expansion and upgrade.

BDCOM P5916Series has L2/L3/L4 functions, supports 768Gbps backplane bandwidth, staticroutes, RIP, OSPF and so on. BDCOM P5916 Series supports advanced functionssuch as QoS, bandwidth control and multicast, adding extra values to the wholenetwork.

BDCOM P5916Series has high reliability. The key modules of the system like the controlunit and the power supply can be backed up through the “1+1” mode. Meanwhile,the Hitless Protection System (HPS) secures the high reliability of P5916 Series.After the redundancy control module is configured, the highest reliability canbe reached.

A singleEPON card of BDCOM P5916 Series supports 4 EPON ports. BDCOM P5916, therefore,supports up to 48 EPON ports, a maximum optical coupling ratio of 1:64, up to3584 ONUs and a 20km transmission distance.

P5916 Series supports various interface typesincluding GE, TE and EPON.

BDCOM P5916Series supports CTC standard, automatic detection and is compatible with ONUsfrom different manufacturers.

BDCOM P5916Series supports the RFC 1213SNMP protocol. The internal network management mode adopts the Telnet-basedconfiguration management or the SNMP-based configuration management, realizinguniform network management based on the Broad Director network managementplatform.



System Capacity

Maximum coupling ratio, 1:64

768G backplane bandwidth

2 slots for console panels, 2 GE service slots and 12 gigabit service slots

MAC capacity: 64K


Max number of 10GE ports


Max number of GE ports


Maximum number of PON ports


PON Interface

Uplink and downlink symmetric transmission rate: 1.25Gbps

Supporting standard EPON modules, such as PX20, PX20+, PX20++;

Security: ONU authentication mechanism



YD-T 1475-2006 access network requires EPON basis

YD-T 1771-2008 access network requires EPON intercommunication

China Telecom EPON standard CTC2.1/3.0

IEEE 802.1D, Spanning Tree


IEEE 802.1w, RSTP

IEEE 802.3ad LACP

Ethernet – II


Backpressure flow control (half duplex)

IEEE 802.3x flow control (full duplex)

IEEE 802.1p, CoS


Limiting the uplink/downlink rate based on each ONU

Supporting DBA and SLA


Port-based VLAN

QinQ, support flexible QinQ

Layer 3 function

Supporting static routing, Ripv1/v2, OSPF, etc.


IGMP Snooping

Controllable multicast


Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD)

Hot swap of the service board and power supply module

Optical path protection of EPON

Abnormal luminescence overhaul of ONU, such as long luminescence detection

Network Security

Limiting the maximum number of users on each port

Port isolation

Packet storm control

Flow-based ACL access control function

Transmission data encryption on the PON interface

Configuration Management

Multiple management modes such as CLI, Web, SNMP and TELNET

Conducting software upgrade through TFTP

Command prompt in English or in Chinese

Debug output

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions mm (W×D×H) : 399.2 x315 x 482.6

Installation: standard 19-inch rack-mounted

Environment Requirements

Working condition: 0-45; 10%-85% non-condensing

Storage condition: -40-80; 5%-95% non-condensing

Power Supply

Input voltage: AC90-264V, DC 36~72V

Dual power supply, DC/AC power supply and power module hot swap

Overcurrent voltage protection

Chassis of BDCOM P5916 Series


Chassis of BDCOM P5916 Series (dual power supply, 12 gigabit service slots, 2 10GE uplink service slots, 2 slots for switching engines (backup each other))

Power Supply of BDCOM P5916 Series


AC Power Supply of P5916 Series (AC 90-264V input voltage, 360W max power)


DC Power Supply of P5916 Series (DC 36-72V input voltage, 360W max power)

Chassis of BDCOM P5916 Series


The II-style MSU of P5916 Series OLT

GE Service Line Card of BDCOM P5916 Series


4-port OLT EPON interface board, SFP interface (excluding the OLT SFP optical module)


4-port gigabit uplink board (TX/SFP interface)

10GE Service Line Card of BDCOM P5916 Series


2-port 10GE uplink board, SFP+ interface

EPON Optical Module


OLT SFP module (PX20+, uplink and downlink 1.25G, TX wavelength 1490nm, RX wavelength 1310nm, SC interface)