Mzuzu university campus network


The University of Mzuzu is a public university located in Mzuzu, the capital of the Northern District of Malawi. It was established in 1997 and is the second largest public university in Malawi. The total number of students enrolled is approximately 8,500. In order to realize the modernization of the campus, a network system needs to be deployed to achieve network access to classrooms, office buildings, etc.


To achieve network access to teaching buildings and offices and to modernize the campus.

Project demands

The computers, cameras etc end users and servers connected to the network.


Aggregation & Core switches: S3900-24T6X
Access switches: S2528-C, S2528-P
End user: Computer, camera


Achieved wired coverage of the entire network and improved the modernization level of the school. The work efficiency of the information-based campus has been greatly improved compared with traditional teaching metheds.

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