BDCOM Attains Globally Recognized CMMI Level 5 Software Certification!

Dec 31,2020

Embarking on a New Journey and Scaling New Heights, BDCOM Successfully Passes CMMI Level 5 Accreditation!

Demonstration of Research and Development Excellence

This certification signifies that BDCOM's R&D management capabilities and quality management standards have reached the pinnacle of the software industry. Throughout the software development process, enhancements have been made in organizational capabilities, technical R&D capabilities, project management capabilities, solution delivery capabilities, and more. These advancements have now reached international benchmarks of excellence!

What is CMMI Level 5?

CMMI, or Capability Maturity Model Integration, is the authoritative standard for assessing software enterprises' maturity levels and project management standards. CMMI is highly regarded and often referred to as the "passport" for software companies entering the international market and engaging in global competition.

CMMI certification comprises five ascending levels: Initial, Managed, Defined, Quantitatively Managed, and Optimizing. Among these, CMMI Level 5 (Optimizing) represents the highest requirement for management maturity in the international software industry.

Significance of CMMI Certification

BDCOM had already obtained CMMI Level 3 certification in October 2017 and had been aligning its practices with the requirements of CMMI Level 5. Successfully attaining CMMI Level 5 certification indicates that the company's software technology R&D capabilities, as well as quality management, have reached a global standard. This achievement marks another vital milestone for BDCOM in the realms of technological R&D capabilities. To date, BDCOM has secured numerous significant certifications, including recognition as a national high-tech enterprise, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 management system certifications, and the CMMI Level 5 assessment certification.

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