CommunicAsia 2019: the Futureof BDCOM in the BRI Background

Jun 18,2019

Held in Marina Bay Sands Singaporefrom June 18 to 20, 2019, ConnecTechAsia, an exhibition incorporatingCommunicAsia, NXTAsia and BroadcastAsia, provided an advanced platform for coreand emerging technologies of ICT industries worldwide. As one of the mostauthoritative and professional telecom exhibitions, ConnceTechAsia attractednumerous established enterprises from a total of 52 countries, and served as abridge for the Southeast Asian and global markets.

Prompted by the Belt and RoadInitiative (BRI), China has been reinforcing cooperations with ASEAN, withannual trade in 2018 booming to a record amount of 587 billion dollars.

It was not a debut for BDCOM, aleading network communication solution supplier in China, to participate inCommunicAsia this year. Featuring brand new high-performance switches, routers,xPONs, wireless products and solutions, BDCOM presented more diverse andcopious exhibiting contents, and gained the attention and approval of manyvisitors. Aiming to enhance the design of our display, BDCOM adopted elementsof 2.5D illustrations, constructing a fashionable, smart, and modern impressionto guide visitors through a multi-sensory journey when familiarizing with theexclusive products.

On the first day of theCommunicAsia, all prototypes had been reserved by customers attracted to thebooth. BDCOM sales department, with their passion and abounding professionalknowledge, gave a thorough explanation on the performance, efficiency andquality advantages of every series of products displayed, striving to provide adetailed, face-to-face conversation with all visitors and customers received.

According to preliminarystatistics, BDCOM has welcomed almost a hundred visitors from Burma,Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, SriLanka, Australia, Singapore, etc. Meanwhile, exchanging first-hand informationwith telecom communication industry insiders brought abundant and importantbenefits to the future development and adaption of BDCOM.

The success BDCOM won withhigh-quality products and caring services was expected but not unappreciated.While BRI has produced a recent boost in Chinese trade with Southeast Asia,BDCOM as well sees the prospect in business cooperations with Southeast Asiancountries. Corresponding to present technologies and product solutions andaspiring to realize the internationalization strategies, BDCOM has long beeninvesting bountiful manpower and materials on research and innovation. Theefforts pay off. As of today, BDCOM still endeavors to promote regionaloperation, as well as to lay a solid, stable foundation for further expansionin Southeast Asian market.

Furthermore, BDCOM has gainedproduct certifications from multiple countries and regions, and is rated asexcellent suppliers by various costumers abroad, steadily marching on the pathto become the main supplier of ICT industry in BRI. In the future, BDCOM plansto further enhance the quality of both our products and our services, establishingwin-win bases, strengthening infrastructure construction, spreading outbusiness cooperations to global markets, and promoting communication andinformation development worldwide.

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