Punjab Prison Foundation Lahore Memo No/PPF/2021/302


BDCOM aline with Technoville team to apply BDCOM POE switches to provide packet tagging for data and voice application in Punjab Prison Foundation Lahore Memo No/PPF/2021/302 project.


Punjab Prisons Foundation Lahore (PPFL) was first notified on 14 February 1996 under the Charitable Endowment Act, 1890 and was registered in May 2012 under the provisions of Societies Act, 1860. The main objective of PPFL is to ensure the welfare of its members and inmates. In 2021, PPFL comes to the demand to establish calling booth for the prisons with tracking of call logs for Punjab Prisons.

Customer needs

Prison is a place for detaining and reforming criminals, but PPFL devote to help prisoners with a friendly environment where prisoners have access to keep in touch with their relatives and friends but in the same time their behaviors are under surveillance to provide a safe environment for both prisoners themselves and society. Surveillance video signal transmission plays a pivotal role in the prison surveillance system and needs to meet the following requirements:

1: Clear picture quality, stable transmission 24 hours a day, low failure rate;
2: The monitoring points cover all directions without blind spots, and the transmission equipment meets the distance requirements of all monitoring points;
3: Night protection automatically adapts to environmental requirements, can clearly see the surrounding environment and personnel movements, and can record video;
4: The system is scalable and can add monitoring points to meet monitoring requirements.
5: Can be upgrade on the basis of the original transmission system


POE Switch with packet tagging for data and voice application. For data & voice switching with Power of Ethernet. 


BDCOM Special security switch S2528-P for the transmission of network high-definition video signals, has formed a characteristic transmission system and finally upgraded to a network high-definition security with high reliability, good confidentiality, and strong connection data processing capabilities Transmission system.

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