Wireless solution for CBD in Mohammedia city center



In the city of Mohammedia, Morocco, there’re new office building constructed. There’re 4 buildings with 5 floors, with the aim of modernizing the CBD, in order to achieve all the Internet and wireless covered, to provide high speed and stable Internet access to the users.


A cost effective and stable WIFI solution that allows network access for the users in the office building, without interruption roaming from an AP to another.


The solution adopts the two-layer network structure design, BDCOM S2900-24S8C4X, as core switch in each building, has a complete two-layer and three-layer multicast routing protocol, a large routing table capacity, and fully supports the layer-2 and layer-3 to meet various types of network interconnection needs.

BDCOM S2510-P, as access switch, advanced hardware architecture design, to realize hierarchical scheduling and protection of messages and provide power to AP.


BDCOM network devices are applied, very user friendly, the users enjoy the high speed and easy connection, without any interruption during moving inside the building.

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