Implemented Intercity Ring Metro-E Network Backbone with BDCOM 100G Switches in


PT Trans Indonesia Superkoridor (TIS) is one of the biggest Internet and Backbone services providers in Indonesia. They have hundreds of their own POPs in different cities which are connected with underground and overhead fiber cables. Due to the big difficulty of backbone network implementation, TIS technical team and BDCOM local team collaborate to ensure the high-quality service and performance.



TIS needs a reliable and stable network for their Metro-E switching network with higher capacity backbone connectivity among all intercities. As the whole network is in a ring topology TIS must ensure the uninterrupted services due to link failure or any loopback issues. Moreover, vendor selection was one of the biggest challenges. Because right brand, right model along with right features need to fit in the network to ensure higher capacity and higher reliability with optimal cost.


BDCOM comes with the solution with EAPS/ERPS protocol on Metro-E Network. This protocol is more reliable, effective and faster convergence than RSTP. Even there is any link failure issue in the ring network, the services are not interrupted because the convergence time is less than 100ms. TIS implemented this solution using BDCOM S5828 which is a new generation of full 10G L3 switch with the most advanced hardware architecture design for Backbone Metro-E Intercity switches to carry more traffic with higher performance. First Ring Metro-E Backbone deployment is Jakarta to Bandung backbone, after Jakarta to Bandung Backbone running well then they applied this solution to other areas such as Central Java Backbone, East Java Backbone, Banten area Backbone, and Central Sulawesi Backbone.

Below is the Metro-E Backbone Topology from Jakarta to Bandung, the distance between POP is up to 30 km to 70 km, in each POP, BDCOM L3 10G Switch S3740F, OLT P3616-2TE are also implemented.

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