Progetto di infrastruttura wireless & networking in ambiente Hospitality


Felix Olbia Hotel is a 4-star smart hotel located in the center of Olbia town. The hotel is euipped  with 60 bedrooms with free smart LCD TVs and wifi, as well as multifunctional meeting rooms  and lounges that can accommodate up to 60 people


The administrator chose the BDCOM  cloud solution, managed by BDCOM COP.

Build a hybrid GPON network, run by BDCOM  equipment, including IP switches, and on a wifi network that uses BDCOM access points. The uplink is connected by 10GB, as shown in the image below:Common areas, computers,  smart TV, Wi-fi, video surveillance, etc;

GPON FTTR fiber to the room: it is divided into  3 rooms in each group, providing wi-fi, IPTV, IP telephony, camera control and other services; wi-fi6: In high-density scenarios, Wi-Fi 6 shows  more advantages. The configuration of the entire  network can be quickly and efficiently centrally  managed by BDCOM cloud-based operation  platform.

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