Merging with livelihood development, BDCOM boosts Chinatown construction in Sanmenxia City

Is Dikengyuan (quadrangle courtyard underground in Henan province) at Spring Festival still haunting you? Remember the ten-bowl table meaning perfection in Chinese?

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Welcome the Challenge and Embrace the Future!

BDCOM colleagues in infotel communication exhibition

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Boosting Shen-Mao high speed construction, BDCOM flagship switch favored

The annual Spring Festival Travel Rush is vigorously on the stage. For the passengers craving for speed, high speed grants them with comfort and calm on the anxious way home.

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High-speed train: Transmitting band for family BDCOM: Mailman of interconnected network

Nowadays, wherever it is, “WiFi here?” has turned into a common greeting, which reflects the popular wireless life in China. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., it is necessary for the of...

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Stable core, upgraded security, BDCOM boosts the metro monitoring project in India

With a total area of 42.7 km2, New Delhi forms a small part of the Delhi metropolitan area. New Delhi lies on the floodplains of the Yamuna River, it is essentially a landlocked city. East of the rive...

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MRD propels the great opening-up of Purple Tunnel, Hangzhou

Purple Tunnel, Hangzhou, is a 14.4-kilometre bridge-tunnel system consisting of a series of three tunnels, two bridges with six lanes, connecting Zijingang Road with Zhipu Road. On portals of South an...

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