EPON Solutions to Electric Power Distribution Automation Systems in Smart Grid(1)

“Smart grid”, also called “Grid 2.0”,generally refers to a class of technology people are using to bring utilityelectricity delivery systems into the 21st century, using computer-based remotecontrol and automation. These systems are made possible by two-waycommunication technology and computer processing that has been used for decadesin other industries. They are beginning to be used on electricity networks,from the power plants and wind farms all the way to the consumers ofelectricity in homes and businesses. They offer many benefits to utilities andconsumers -- mostly seen in big improvements in energy efficiency on theelectricity grid and in the energy users' homes and offices.

Situation of the Grid Communication System

Thetraditional grid communication system has greatly hindered the development ofelectric power distribution automation systems, because many techniques (suchas GPRS/CDMA, 230MHzwireless broadcasting stations, power private optical fibers, PSTN and PLC) inthe traditional grid communication system expose obvious disadvantages infunctions. For instance, the single point failure is likely to occur in thetransmission link, which impairs the capacity of service protection. Thecommunication medium and service interfaces are hard to manage and maintain, asthey are so complicated. With the narrow transmission bandwidth, the key datetransmission cannot be guaranteed and the integrated service is difficult toexpand. Besides, the internal information security in the electric power sectormay be under threat, as GPRS/CDMA is supported by the operator networkplatform.

Bycontrast, Electric Power Distribution Automation not only improves all the deficienciesin traditional grid communication system, but is more efficient. Therefore,upgrading the grid communication system is on the top of the top priority inconstructing a modern Smart Grid.

ElectricPower Distribution Automation is consisted of several systems such asSupervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA),Substation Automation (SA) and


Instead oftraditional GPRS/CDMA or 230MHz networking solution, the EPONnetworking solution has become the best choice of electric power communicationplatform. As a pioneer in this field, BDCOM introduces its own EPON solutions.These solutions involve three parts: Power management substation (such as,110KV substation), transmission channel and data collection and user-endaccess.

Here presents four BDOMEPON solutions of Electric Power Distribution Automation Systems in detail:Solution to Electric Power Distribution Automation Systems (1), Solution toElectric Power Distribution Automation Systems (2), Solution to the UserInformation Collection System, and Solution to Digital Transformer Station.